Referral Recruitment advantages

The business case for referral recruitment

Although there is abundant evidence that recruitment may significantly improve using Employee Referral Programs, there is a possibly a challenge to make a compelling business case in order to obtain the necessary resources. Budget limitations can be one of them but this is easily refuted by making the (financial) impact clear. Another common argument is that employees are "naturally" submitting people and no incentive is needed. Unfortunately this does not deliver consistent results!

A properly designed program can yield stunning results [1]. A new generation referral programs that is advised by refer² includes the following elements; pro-active, automated administration, rapid response, measurable, push / pull marketing, no exceptions in participation and preferably run by a special program coordinator.

Referral recruitment advantages

Here are key elements in creating an excellent business case for referral recruitment:

  1. Low up-front investment
  2. Fast return (high ROI)
  3. High probability of success based on benchmark studies
  4. Short implementation period
  5. Quick Results
  6. Better quality staff
  7. Improving retention
  8. No / little additional staff needed for execution

With refer² you are ready for a successful beginning of a truly unbeaten referral program that makes everyone a recruiter within your own organisation!


[1] "Referral Programs Can Produce Millions in Business Impacts" - John Sullivan


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