About Refer2

Full service provider to boost referral recruitment

We help organisations using referral recruitment, and complementary services, to find the right talents. From strategy and planning to implementation and execution.

Recruiting through your own employees, and their social network, belongs to the foundations of any recruitment strategy. With refer² you implement a new generation of amazingly effective referral programmes based on personal relationships, speed and quality.

The principles of refer² are:

  1. Integrated approach with a dedicated referral recruitment portal
  2. A platform focused on (semi-) passive job seekers
  3. A multi-level referral management system to manage campaigns and where ambassadors can be rewarded.
  4. Powerful employer branding through an online social (recruitment) network.
  5. Building and maintaining relationships. Among other talent pools, diversity, campus and alumni recruitment may be enhanced.

This approach will deliver the best quality candidates and makes everyone in the organization and outside a recruiter / talent scout.

Targeted recruitment campaigns

Our service does not stop with an access to a technical application. Practice has shown this often doesn’t give the desired results because it is important to invest in high awareness of the program. Organisations can choose to develop (mini) campaigns themselves or in collaboration with specialists from recruit2.

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