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Any organisation that studied the effectiveness of recruitment has come to the conclusion that employee referral programmes (ERP) are the most effective way to recruit quality personnel [1]. Too often, however, a refer-a-friend program is launched and disappears to an intranet page that nobody is viewing. This is unfortunate as organisations reap insufficient the benefits of an effective referral program.

A typical, outdated and ineffective, referral program is characterized by:

  • Single launch, not targeted campaigns
  • Passive process, the initiative lies with the employees themselves
  • Manual or paper-based process
  • Local or a single business unit focus (instead of world wide)
  • Certain groups are excluded, such as HRM and managers
  • No priority setting of recommended candidates
  • Bonus payable after probation period of new employee
  • No analysis of referral program

More time and attention to a referral programme delivers stunning results. A new generation of referral programs includes the following elements; proactive, automated administration, rapid response, measurable, push / pull marketing, no exceptions of participation and preferably run by a special program coordinator.

Everyone is a recruiter

The refer² approach makes EVERYONE in your organisation responsible for hiring the best talents. The entire organisation is actively involved in the recruitment of new employees. Both employees, managers and directors. Recruitment is not only a responsibility of the HRM department! And only then can you succeed as an organisation to give meaning to a strong employer brand and referrals based on personal relationships, speed and quality.

Create your own online social network

Public online network have quite some disadvantages such as one-size-fits-all approach, limited functionality and no branding opportunities. The dependence of the supplier is also great and with the leave of its employees or recruiters the network you have been working on disappears. An option is to create your own online network that has none of these drawbacks and is valued positively by candidates [2].

[1] 2005 Watson Wyatt HCI Benchmark Study

[2] Leverage Your Own Social Network - Kevin Wheeler


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