Referral Recruitment training

How to design an Employee Referral Programme

Recruiting through your own employees, and their social network, belongs to the foundations of any recruitment strategy. Referral recruitment is arguably the best source of quality staff. Staff found this way is more satisfied and remain working for your organisation longer than candidates recruited through other channels.

In this masterclass you will discover how to make better use of the network of committed employees and how to turn everyone into a recruiter.

You will learn everything about the following topics:

Referral recruitment strategy

  • integration of referral strategy in employer branding and recruitment strategy.
  • the business case for referral recruitment, including useful benchmark figures.
  • dealing with resistance during introduction.
  • lots of inspiration from the best referral recruitment campaigns.

Reward creatively and effectively

  • everything about setting up an effective bonus scheme.
  • creative out-of-the-box ideas and tips for rewarding active participation.
  • practical tools for establishing rules for a bonus scheme.

Develop, launch and activate

  • designing a successful Employer Referral Program, with workshop and action plan.
  • (re) launch of a Referral Program.
  • measuring and encouraging participation.
  • dealing with potential candidates.
  • discussion of online tools and systems.

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