Refer2 comparison

Many referral programs, where the results are disappointing, have one thing in common. Only once is paid attention to the implementation and often it's based on old ideas and concepts. At refer² we do it different. We offer a full service around referral programmes. We take care of the strategy, planning, implementation and continuous support afterwards. The social media platform we use for this is not an goal itself but a means to achieve optimal results.

What makes this so powerful? Compare refer² with other recruitment channels and recruitment solutions and you'll see the difference. It makes use of the best elements from various channels in one concept:

The benefits of refer² are:

  • Improve recruitment of talent by using ambassadors
  • Targeted campaigns aimed at passive talent (push & pull)
  • Powerful employer branding by promoting jobs and news
  • Build your own online social (recruitment) network
  • Pre-selection of jobseekers through trusted relationships
  • Easy payment of bonuses by refer²
  • Includes various management information reports


using talent to find talent


Invest in referral recruitment and develop a strategic plan.


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