Our service does not stop with access to a technical application. Practice shows that this often does not deliver the desired results because it is important to invest in high awareness of a referral recruitment programme. Therefore, organisations can choose to design and implement (mini) campaigns themselves or in collaboration with specialists of recruit2.

The initiative takers behind recruit2 are IPRC and Partout Interactive. Two companies that have proven competence in the area of Social Media, Recruitment and interactive communication. We are happy to introduce them to you:

recruit2, specialists in recruitment

recruit2 is a recruitment consultancy based on the ideas of expert, author and consultant Jacco Valkenburg. In May 2009 Jacco Valkenburg was voted "Best Social Recruiter” in 2009 because of using social media for recruitment purposes most innovative and effective.

Our experts are able to analyse and identify bottlenecks in your current recruitment process and organisation. Experienced consultants are able to develop strategic plans and implement solutions using the latest technologies and concepts, such as refer². This way we can meet your short and long term staffing objectives.

Partout Interactive

You have internet agencies and you have advertising agencies. Partout Interactive sits somewhere in between. Compared with advertising agencies we have more understanding of interaction / experience and more technical expertise. Compared to internet agencies we have more understanding of advertising and we are more specialised in interactive communication.

The mechanisms of the internet (such as email, messenger, search engines, communities, blogs, rss) and knowledge of web technologies, behavior and interaction are the basis of our creations in interactive marketing and corporate communications.

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