Referral recruitment explained

Reach hidden talent

Studies show that referral recruitment [1] is the best source of quality staff. Therefore the focus of any recruitment strategy should include, next to creating a strong employer brand,  using your own employees and its network to hire new talent into your organisation.

Referrals are the main source of excellent candidates:

  • Low cost and fast payback
  • Above average quality candidates
  • Delivers fast results
  • Reliable source
  • Less staff turnover
  • Strong communication and marketing (word-of-mouth)

... but traditional Employee Referral Programs have a limited scope and impact [2]. With refer² you have a dedicated referral recruitment platform that makes best use of the network of your own employees and their connections.

[1] Referral recruitment studies and articles:

[2] "Despite the reliance on referrals as a basic source of quality hires, they are too often taken for granted" [CareerXroads - Sources of Hire09 pdf]

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