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How it works

recruit2 helps organisations, using an online referral recruitment platform (refer²) and complementary services, to find the right talents.

With refer² organisations can run campaigns through a secure website using its employees, and their network, in order to recruit new talent. This website can be tailor-made in the corporate style and be integrated into existing (career) sites. It offers an easy platform for organisations to announce jobs and news online. The result is a private online social network which is easily to maintain.

The users, or rather ambassadors, can manage the jobs and news with others through their own dashboard. The ambassadors of your organisation are then rewarded for an active contribution once someone, thanks to their efforts, start at your organisation. The referral bonus amount is set by the Recruiter for each vacancy. The bonus payment is split over the chain of referees (which are also refer² users).

The benefits of refer² are:

  • Improve recruitment of talent by using ambassadors
  • Targeted campaigns aimed at passive talent (push & pull)
  • Powerful employer branding by promoting jobs and news
  • Build your own online social (recruitment) network
  • Pre-selection of jobseekers through trusted relationships
  • Easy payment of bonuses by refer²
  • Includes various management information reports

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